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School District Gives the Highest Grade to WatchGuard and Abadata for Security

Technology Needs for Small to Medium Businesses
Abadata - Eight Reasons why SMB\'s Need Managed IT Services
Abadata Helps Customers Enhance Network Security
Security tends to be an area that small and midsize businesses know they need to address but nonetheless leave unattended. There's always something more pressing on the priority list.
The bad guys love those companies.

Sure, there's no such thing as foolproof security. But time and budget limitations shouldn't keep smaller businesses from securing their information. Not taking at least basic steps toward real IT security can lead to a series of technology-borne plagues: your website starts moonlighting as a malware factory, your hosted phone system becomes someone else's call center for a weekend, your finance staff unwittingly turns over banking credentials to a hacker. Any or all of the above can damage the company's reputation and its bottom line.

Abadata understands these needs, and as such offers **Complete Business Continuity** as one of our many diverse services to SMB's and more. Manufacturing, Agriculture, Education, Health, Insurance, Service Industries, etc including SIPAA and HIPAA compliance.
**Complete Business Continuity **

Real-time Monitoring of devices on site
Email notification of issues
Firewall and Network Security Services - WatchGuard Expert Partner
Cloud based Data Storage and Fast Realtime Recovery
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From Backup to Business Continuity
How much Data can you afford to lose
Indirect Costs of Downtime and Data Loss
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Indirect Costs of Downtime and Data Loss
Of course, RTO and RPO aren’t the only ways of measuring the consequences of downtime. In today’s always-open global market, consumers and employees have very little tolerance for downtime and data loss. The fact is, at some point all businesses will encounter the threat of downtime or data loss due to disaster or human error. While the direct costs of downtime are relatively easy to quantify, the indirect costs can be harder to establish but just as devastating to the business. As you build a case for a comprehensive business continuity plan, consider the impact of negative press, negative social media chatter, employee frustration, lost consumer confidence, reputation damage and the potential impact to stock price.

Abadata SnapBack - Business Continuity Solutions for MSP's and VARs worldwide. With solutions ranging in size from 150GB to 100TB, Datto helps its Channel Partners provide solutions for businesses of every size, with the opportunity for significant recurring revenue.



What to Look for in a Holistic Backup Solution
It’s easy to see how quickly downtime and data loss can ruin a business. A holistic backup solution
protects the business from the potentially devastating consequences of small and large disasters, no matter the cause. A comprehensive solution minimizes data loss by capturing entire images of data, applications and operating systems on all workstations and servers at regular intervals that meet the organization’s Recovery Point Objective. A strategic plan also minimizes downtime by giving IT administrators storage and restoration options that enable them to manage backup and restoration from a central location. These options also enable full restores to different hardware or even bare metal.
When an organization has access to all of its data and can quickly restore that data plus applications and operating systems, it has a business continuity plan that provides a competitive edge, and protects all customers and shareholders—no matter what.

After all, if the backup software only
captures data, administrators can
spend days or even weeks reinstalling
applications and operating systems on
servers and individual workstations





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