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School District Gives the Highest Grade to WatchGuard and Abadata for Security



We’ll worry about Technology - You Focus on your Business

Our fully-managed IT services suite is designed to provide you with 24/7 peace of mind, freeing you to focus on driving your business forward. We monitor your systems, apply patches, protect against viruses, ensure backups are performing successfully, and more. We’ll catch (and fix) the little problems before they become big ones - in many cases before you’re even aware that there is any issue.

A Complete Suite of Fully-Managed IT Services

We’re here to help take the hassle out of IT Management, so you can focus on your business. Our offerings include:  Network Monitoring and Care:    We keep tabs on your network activity around the clock, and when a system or function fails, our support teams immediately jump in to investigate. Once the problem is identified. we’ll work to fix it. In many cases before you’ve even realized there’s an issue.


Our HelpDesk provides extended Business Day support, whenever you need it. Our highly-skilled technicians can be contacted via phone, email or web-based chat, and are ready and waiting to help answer any of your technology questions and provide fast, professional support for a variety of software applications.

Business Continuity: 

Our data backup and continuity solution ensures your critical information is secure, backed up and accessible whenever you need it - even during a network failure or a disaster - so you’ll never have to worry about data loss again.

Custom Project Work:

We also offer a variety of custom projects designed to help optimize your IT infrastructure - including software installations, migrations, setups and configurations, and more.  Best of all, our technicians can perform the work overnight or over the weekend; so there is no interruption or downtime at your office.

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In the world of IT, problems happen. Computers crash, passwords are lost, email stops working, and the list goes on. Without proper technical support in place, these problems can bring your business to an abrupt - and potentially damaging - halt.

With Abadata’s Help Desk, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that our certified technicians can quickly and efficiently resolve even your most complex technical problems.  Not every support issue can be called a catastrophe...until it prevents you from being able to do your job. We’re here to help you stay ahead of the curve, so you can focus on growing your business - and to do so, we’ve adopted a proactive approach to network monitoring and IT maintenance.

Our help desk is a seamless extension of our remote monitoring platform. So when you call to report an issue, there’s a good chance we’re already aware of the problem you’re experiencing, and are actively working to resolve it.  Our technicians receive regular training, coaching and quality review to continuously sharpen their skills,  and they’re backed by a team of professional supervisors and managers to ensure consistency and unmatched service delivery.

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Lee’s Landscaping Protects Their “Green” with “Red”!


Bad Axe, Michigan – August 10th 2017 – Abadata, a prominent local IT managed service provider recently hosted another “lunch and learn” event on the importance of proper data security. At the Bad Axe “Big Bad Event”, WatchGuard key spokesman Michael Pearson along with CEO Dave Wineman of Abadata spoke in depth about current cybersecurity threats and how to manage them properly to keep local businesses safe. The event hosted numerous local businesses from the Bad Axe Area Marketplace. Amongst the key business personnel who attended, Jeff Dubs from Lee’s Landscaping signed up because he recognized the serious cybersecurity threats that are present today. At the event Jeff expressed his concerns about his company’s cyber security, as well as connecting and collaborating with the Abadata and WatchGuard teams.

Since the “Big Bad” lunch and learn, Lee’s Landscaping has become a Pro-active customer of Abadata and utilizes Abadata’s expertise in cyber security to protect their businesses critical data. Lee’s Landscaping enjoys the new level of protection that has been added to their network. When asked about the quality of service that they have received, Dubs said, “The best thing about Abadata’s security strategy is their staff. They explained everything so clearly and made sure I knew exactly what it would do for our company. You can't put a price on peace of mind and Abadata's security strategy gives that to you. It will keep us safe in this ever-growing technology driven economy!”  

Abadata looks forward to the continued partnership with Lee’s Landscaping as well as the opportunities to help other local businesses ensure that their critical data is kept safe and secure. Abadata will be continuing to hosting more lunch and learns in the near future to ensure local companies are informed on best practices to protect their data.
For More information on Abadata’s informative lunch and learns click here


With CAP your days of old obsolete computers and tablets are behind you!


We all know that computers that are out of warranty can be your next technology expense.  Now with CAP – TOP HAT Awards your office can begin upgrading equipment that is technologically obsolete – FREE!

That’s correct you can use your CAP purchases to replace that old equipment making your already great investment in Abadata CAP even better.  How do you get started?  It’s simple!  Just call Abadata or use your dedicated CAP number and select the menu item CAP – TOP HAT Rewards. 

7% of your monthly CAP workstation purchases earn award points to replacement of end user access equipment1 in your office. 


Here are the basics… 

  • Abadata CAP customers can take advantage of CAP – TOP HAT Awards.
  • Award points are redeemable at Abadata.
  • Qualifying equipment may be may be acquired with CAP -TOP HAT Awards.
  • CAP – TOP HAT Award points can be used to replace qualifying workstation and tablets.
  • CAP – TOP HAT Award points can be used on qualifying project costs.
  • All of your CAP Workstations are included in the CAP – TOP HAT Award program

There are some restrictions… 

  • CAP – TOP HAT Award points have no actual cash value, or 1/10 of 1 cent whichever is lower in your legal jurisdiction.
  • CAP – TOP HAT Award points are only redeemable at Abadata.
  • CAP – TOP HAT Award points are not combinable with any other special offer.
  • CAP – TOP HAT Award points cannot be used with any other Plus program.
  • Your account must be current to use CAP – TOP HAT Award points.
  • Abadata Computer Corporation, Inc. Terms and Conditions of Sale prevails at all times.
  • Abadata has the right to cease this program without notice at any time. Upon the discontinuance of the program all CAP – TOP HAT Award points expire.
Call us at 989.883.3411 for pricing or contact us here....
Taking you out of the IT business and putting you back into your business! 
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What is CAP? 
Simply - take any IT application that you use (including Email and Office 365) that you access on your desktop. 
Put it all into the cloud and then log in and access your personal desktop and apps and files from any device from anywhere at anytime.  
You can focus on business growth not IT 
You can keep your business running during times of disaster 
You can predict / budget / manage your IT costs Modernize your IT quickly and without a huge capital expenditure 


  • Dedicated phone number to call for all types of support
  • MS Exchange (MSE3) or BYO Email
  • Access from all your devices (synced)
  • Hosting for Line of business apps
  • Office 365 SupportCloud storage –personal and shared
  • CAP Drive: sync data between devices your team and the cloud
  • Back up and offsite replication included for cloud workstation and server
  • Threat management. Antivirus and custom content filtering
    Layers and choices of security management

  • CAP—Providing you a secure, world-class IT solution
  • CAP—Keeping your staff working efficiently and effectively
  • CAP—No matter where you are or what device you’re using, you are connected
  • CAP—Frees up your IT staff to to do strategic work 
  • CAP—Flexible and Secure Managed Services takes care of ALL your IT so you can focus on your core business
  • CAP—Takes ownership / care of daily IT management though our tech support center, our end to end support and managed services—that gives you a stress free business environment—no more worries
  • CAP—COST effective IT includes web and personal PC endpoint protection, file sync, storage and management, backup, patching, updates, cloud desktop.
Our Office location is at 649 S. Unionville Road, Sebewaing MI

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