Abadata has over 35 years experience with
Graphic Design and web development.
This includes SEO optimization,
best security practices,
professional graphic design
1 on 1 consultation, training, on-line tutorials,
domain purchase - management and email management
as well as comprehensive and professional web design and maintenance.



 Our web development packages are CMS
Management Platform Websites
and are designed, built and installed to suit your needs.

 Additional Help with anything!

Additional training is always available! Call for details. In house at ABADATA or at your site depending on your needs – call 989 883 3411 for more information.


For on line Video Tutorials on Joomla CMS administrative tasks click on the You Tube Button here.

Call Abadata - 989.883.3411
send us an email with your questions - here
  Professional experienced graphic design coupled with professional web development/site packages. Domain management and email accounts, yearly hosting, web design, graphic design, website maintenance, website security, website training, and anything else you can think of.
Our Websites are professionally developed using Open Source Media. This enables us to keep your website safe, secure, and easily up-datable. Our Professional designers and developers have over 25 years experience with web development and Graphic Design.  
  Utilizing the powerful Open Source market enables Abadata to build the website you want, whether it includes shopping carts, booking components, online calendar's, photo galleries, video/audio file storage and more.
Joomla, the most customizable and manipulable Web platform open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content. It is built on a model–view–controller web application framework - Joomla lets us build the website you can login to, edit and maintain.  

Akeeba Backup Core is an open-source backup component for the Joomla! CMS, quite a bit different than its competition. Its mission is simple: create a site backup!

A regular back up of your site means protection with a continuous managed service built right into your website control panel.

Moodle is an education software helping teachers and trainers create and deliver effective online learning environments used by millions world-wide. Moodle us developed on the Open Source Platform -your very own online University - ready to go!  
  Calendars and Events - one of the most popular Joomla components and used in 99.9% of all our sites - delivers a very user friendly calendar, schedule of events, editable events, categories, printable and e-mailable schedules and much more
Did you know that one of the most popular browsers on the web is Mozilla Firefox. It's a free Web browser and is created by global non-profit (Open source) dedicated to putting individuals in control online. Firefox is not just a pretty face - there are myriads of extra's that can be downloaded thro the Firefox interface- it gives you many more options and far more control.  

  Superb Shopping Carts - from simple to highly sophisticated totally integratable with your business and website. Call us at 989.883.3411 for more information
How do your online customers pay for their purchases? Paypal is fully integratable with Joomla! Secure and efficient and easy to use.  

Whatever business you own that needs books facilities or times - we have the answer. OS Services Booking is perfect for your Golf Course, Beauty Salon, Sports Center etc... call Abadata for more information for this unique type of website. OS Booking will also synch your booking calendar with Google Calendar.

Click here for more information on the "Book a Tee" Golfers Web Design
  Abadata Reseller Services can help, manage and look after all your domain needs. Name Servers, Domain purchase and management, email services (including webmail) are just some of the many options available
Super Business Email plans with MS Office 365. Large email boxes, outlook support, web based access, mobility, (Synchs with other devices) shared calendar, security, and data loss prevention.  
 All Abadata's websites are hosted on virtual servers with sophisticated and 24/7 maintenance.

We endeavor to protect your website integrity and security.


Dedicated phone number to call for all types of support
MS Exchange (MSE3) or BYO Email
Access from all your devices (synced)
Hosting for Line of business apps
Office 365 SupportCloud storage –personal and shared
CAP Drive: sync data between devices your team and the cloud
Back up and offsite replication included for cloud workstation and server
Threat management. Antivirus and custom content filtering
Layers and choices of security management
CAP - FOR A WORRY FREE WORK ENVIRONMENT You can focus on business growth not IT You can keep your business running during times of disaster You can predict / budget / manage your IT costs Modernize your IT quickly and without a huge capital expenditure 

CAP—Providing you a secure, world-class IT solution CAP—Keeping your staff working efficiently and effectively CAP—No matter where you are or what device you’re using, you are connected CAP—Frees up your IT staff to to do strategic work CAP—Flexible and Secure Managed Services takes care of ALL your IT so you can focus on your core business.CAP—Takes ownership / care of daily IT management though our tech support center, our end to end support and managed services—that gives you a stress free business environment—no more worries!CAP—COST effective IT includes web and personal PC endpoint protection, file sync, storage and management, backup, patching, updates, cloud desktop.

Meet Ransombear -he is not your friend
But we can help you avoid this guy!!

Our Office location is at 649 S. Unionville Road, Sebewaing MI


We Are Hiring

Job Opening:

Sales – Engineer -  Description:  – Unique position for a Rare Person 

Compensation: Will be discussed
Hours: Full time

Customer Solutions – Sales -IT Engineer


  • If you have an enthusiasm for IT – and have A+ N+ or something similar BUT WANT TO BE MORE THAN A COMPUTER TECHNICIAN
  • If you have a keen mind that loves to create IT solutions and love to learn new things
  • If you are an empathetic person that likes to solve problems and help people
  • If you can communicate and LISTEN


Then we have the career for you…… 


Abadata Computer Corporation is seeking a unique Sales individual with computer IT knowledge who loves selling, wants to be part of a team has a willingness to learn and a sense of humor!

IT understanding and knowledge is essential, and any other certifications a plus.

Responsibilities include:

  • Having an understanding of our Corporations key products and services,
  • Create great customer service by caring for our customers
  • Create / Sell solutions for those services and products

Be part of an outstanding team The candidate needs strong people skills, an ability to listen, learn and excellent communication skills, a friendly customer service orientated and good professional attitude, be willing to learn, self disciplined and a team player.


Our most important asset is our people, we place a high value on learning and growth and the well-being of our employees. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to become a member of a Quality Corporation with over 35 years experience in the computer industry.  

This position is for an *additional* member to an already experienced team of professionals. The individual must have the ability to share information with his co-workers. The company is not new and has a good reputation for quality service. The work is extremely stable. Pay is dependent on the individuals' knowledge, experience and certifications held. Perks include family health insurance, individual life insurance, paid holidays, very nice working environment and a wonderful group of co-workers

You must have transportation which you are reimbursed (very well) for and a cell phone including text messaging capabilities. Obviously, with the above, discipline goes without a question.

Send an email click here or call 989 883 3411 and ask for Lindy


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