How Much Time Can You Afford to Lose?
A successful plan not only eliminates or minimizes the amount of data a business would lose in a disaster, but it also minimizes or eliminates the amount of time it takes to get systems up and running again. When considering how much downtime would cost your business, consider the financial impact of lost customer connections and employee productivity.
How many sales will you lose in an hour or a day if your systems are down? How many customers will simply turn to a competitor? What is the hourly or daily cost of lost labor? What are the overtime costs for IT administrators who must work through the night to restore systems?
Consider the impact of negative press,
negative social media chatter,
employee frustration,
lost consumer confidence,
reputation damage and the
potential impact to stock price.
In order to minimize downtime and hit the organization’s RTO, a business continuity plan must incorporate a comprehensive backup strategy that protects entire workstations and servers. This is best achieved through image captures that include all data, applications and operating systems.
A holistic plan must also feature fast, full restoration capabilities, including the ability to restore images and files to different hardware or bare metal in case the original hardware is destroyed or damaged beyond repair. Fast recovery also depends on having options for storage and restoration, including the ability for instant local and off-site virtualization. It also offers the ability to utilize a hybrid cloud-based model to store entire systems locally and off-site. These options give administrators the ability to manage backup and recovery remotely from a central or alternate location in case a branch office is affected or the central office isn’t accessible. Without the ability to manage branch offices from a central location, administrators have to spend time in transit or rely on non-technical staff to attempt to perform restorations. These options also give the business the ability to adapt replication and storage strategy and infrastructure to their changing needs.
Finally, the restoration process is only as reliable as the last test, so administrators must be able to test backups regularly in order to ensure the viability of files and images—otherwise they risk losing time troubleshooting failed restorations.

Business continuity isn’t just about data
backup, though; it’s a holistic practice
that also addresses ready access to
backups and timely restorations.


Dedicated phone number to call for all types of support
MS Exchange (MSE3) or BYO Email
Access from all your devices (synced)
Hosting for Line of business apps
Office 365 SupportCloud storage –personal and shared
CAP Drive: sync data between devices your team and the cloud
Back up and offsite replication included for cloud workstation and server
Threat management. Antivirus and custom content filtering
Layers and choices of security management
CAP - FOR A WORRY FREE WORK ENVIRONMENT You can focus on business growth not IT You can keep your business running during times of disaster You can predict / budget / manage your IT costs Modernize your IT quickly and without a huge capital expenditure 

CAP—Providing you a secure, world-class IT solution CAP—Keeping your staff working efficiently and effectively CAP—No matter where you are or what device you’re using, you are connected CAP—Frees up your IT staff to to do strategic work CAP—Flexible and Secure Managed Services takes care of ALL your IT so you can focus on your core business.CAP—Takes ownership / care of daily IT management though our tech support center, our end to end support and managed services—that gives you a stress free business environment—no more worries!CAP—COST effective IT includes web and personal PC endpoint protection, file sync, storage and management, backup, patching, updates, cloud desktop.

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Our Office location is at 649 S. Unionville Road, Sebewaing MI


We Are Hiring

Job Opening:

Sales – Engineer -  Description:  – Unique position for a Rare Person 

Compensation: Will be discussed
Hours: Full time

Customer Solutions – Sales -IT Engineer


  • If you have an enthusiasm for IT – and have A+ N+ or something similar BUT WANT TO BE MORE THAN A COMPUTER TECHNICIAN
  • If you have a keen mind that loves to create IT solutions and love to learn new things
  • If you are an empathetic person that likes to solve problems and help people
  • If you can communicate and LISTEN


Then we have the career for you…… 


Abadata Computer Corporation is seeking a unique Sales individual with computer IT knowledge who loves selling, wants to be part of a team has a willingness to learn and a sense of humor!

IT understanding and knowledge is essential, and any other certifications a plus.

Responsibilities include:

  • Having an understanding of our Corporations key products and services,
  • Create great customer service by caring for our customers
  • Create / Sell solutions for those services and products

Be part of an outstanding team The candidate needs strong people skills, an ability to listen, learn and excellent communication skills, a friendly customer service orientated and good professional attitude, be willing to learn, self disciplined and a team player.


Our most important asset is our people, we place a high value on learning and growth and the well-being of our employees. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to become a member of a Quality Corporation with over 35 years experience in the computer industry.  

This position is for an *additional* member to an already experienced team of professionals. The individual must have the ability to share information with his co-workers. The company is not new and has a good reputation for quality service. The work is extremely stable. Pay is dependent on the individuals' knowledge, experience and certifications held. Perks include family health insurance, individual life insurance, paid holidays, very nice working environment and a wonderful group of co-workers

You must have transportation which you are reimbursed (very well) for and a cell phone including text messaging capabilities. Obviously, with the above, discipline goes without a question.

Send an email click here or call 989 883 3411 and ask for Lindy


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