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With CAP your days of old obsolete computers and tablets are behind you!


We all know that computers that are out of warranty can be your next technology expense.  Now with CAP – TOP HAT Awards your office can begin upgrading equipment that is technologically obsolete – FREE!

That’s correct you can use your CAP purchases to replace that old equipment making your already great investment in Abadata CAP even better.  How do you get started?  It’s simple!  Just call Abadata or use your dedicated CAP number and select the menu item CAP – TOP HAT Rewards. 

7% of your monthly CAP workstation purchases earn award points to replacement of end user access equipment1 in your office. 


Here are the basics… 

  • Abadata CAP customers can take advantage of CAP – TOP HAT Awards.
  • Award points are redeemable at Abadata.
  • Qualifying equipment may be may be acquired with CAP -TOP HAT Awards.
  • CAP – TOP HAT Award points can be used to replace qualifying workstation and tablets.
  • CAP – TOP HAT Award points can be used on qualifying project costs.
  • All of your CAP Workstations are included in the CAP – TOP HAT Award program

There are some restrictions… 

  • CAP – TOP HAT Award points have no actual cash value, or 1/10 of 1 cent whichever is lower in your legal jurisdiction.
  • CAP – TOP HAT Award points are only redeemable at Abadata.
  • CAP – TOP HAT Award points are not combinable with any other special offer.
  • CAP – TOP HAT Award points cannot be used with any other Plus program.
  • Your account must be current to use CAP – TOP HAT Award points.
  • Abadata Computer Corporation, Inc. Terms and Conditions of Sale prevails at all times.
  • Abadata has the right to cease this program without notice at any time. Upon the discontinuance of the program all CAP – TOP HAT Award points expire.
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