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MICHIGAN — February 20th 2015
Abadata Computer Corp., a leading provider of unified communications, announced today that Dave Wineman, the company’s President, will be attending Technology Assurance Group’s (TAG) 15th Annual Convention. The event will take place on April 19th-22nd in Savannah, Georgia at the Hyatt Regency. TAG is an international association of independently owned unified communications companies representing nearly $350M in products and services in the industry.

The purpose of the convention is to bring together the brightest leaders and most progressive thinkers in the technology industry to share best business practices and mutually contribute towards one another’s growth. The overarching goal is to unveil and share practices that make each company deliver a better customer experience from start to finish. The event is invite-only and is reserved for elite organizations with a track record of innovation, customer-centric business philosophy and a desire to serve their local community. Each business represented is a pioneer in their respective marketplaces and the discussions will range from emerging technologies to new business practices to advancements in customer experience.

“This event is always packed with new ideas that keep us at the forefront of new developments in our rapidly advancing field,” stated Mr. Wadnizak. “We find it very valuable to collaborate with other CEOs, Owners and high-performers to identify new ways of doing things. We consider it our obligation to attend prestigious events like this because we need to know what’s coming down the pipeline and how that’s going to affect our customers. When we see new developments before the mass market, we usually can leverage that to accelerate the growth of our customers’ businesses before everyone else catches on. This is why we’re always one step ahead because we’re out there focusing on how we can improve our deployment of advanced technology.”

“Experts in voice, managed IT services, security/surveillance, audio visual, structured cabling and managed print solutions will all be in attendance, so every organization will be able to enhance all areas of their business as a result of participating,” said Brian Suerth, President of TAG. “One of the keynote speakers, is the world renowned Jeffrey Gitomer, who is an author of several New York Times best sellers. He will be sharing his views on cultivating relationships with today’s customer,” added Mr. Suerth. “We’re looking forward to another successful convention and we’re excited about the contributions of high caliber individuals, such as Mr. Wineman.”

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We are proud of our long time partnership with WatchGuard Technologies, (15 years).   WatchGuard is the leading provider of UTM and firewall hardware, enterprise grade security and award winning technology for any size organization. 

With that in mind we are delighted to invite you to our forthcoming Lunch and Learn to be held at E.G. Nicks in Lapeer on June 20th. Find out what Award Winning WatchGuard Firewall Technology/and WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System) can do to safeguard YOUR Business Network. Take the headache and worry out of your Internet and network security and meet the "Team" who can take care of you!  Top WatchGuard Sales/Tech Michael Pearson will be discussing latest WatchGuard technology including TDR (Threat Detection and Response) and giving some compelling reaons for keeping your network security safe.

Top Security Threats

The increased volume and frequency of cyberattacks has made information security an everyday issue. SMBs represent low hanging fruit for many threat actors seeking new targets of attack, so much so that according to the National Small Business Association 50% of small businesses have already been impacted by cyber-attacks with an average cost of $20,752. With SMBs increasingly under threat, it’s important to understand the top security threats your organization faces including:-

Advanced Malware
Data Loss
Unsecured Wireless Networks
Network Blind Spots

Registration is open - sign up for our next Lunch and Learn - Lapeer June 20th at noon!  


Places will be in short supply so don't delay! - Sign up now!
We are delighted to have you on board!

Why WatchGuard?

WatchGuard has deployed nearly a million integrated, multi-function threat management appliances worldwide. Their signature red boxes are architected to be the industry's smartest, fastest, and meanest security devices with every scanning engine running at full throttle!

Why Abadata?

Abadata is 38 years in the Technology Business! Based in Michigan - Managed Services are our key component to successful IT for any business, organization, educational facility, library, industry, non profit or even your home!

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