Abadata Prepares SMBs to Seamlessly Adopt Windows 11

Leading MTSP Increases Their Customers’ Productivity with New Microsoft Applications

MICHIGAN – December 9, 2021 – Abadata Computer Corp., a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), is preparing small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to upgrade their operating systems to run on Windows 11, as it is the latest operating system to be re-leased from Microsoft, which will inevitably become widely used across the business world. SMBs can download Windows 11 at no-cost and take advantage of this upgrade to em-power collaboration, enhance productivity and strengthen cybersecurity within their organ-izations. However, in order to do so seamlessly, SMBs need to ensure that all devices in their company are compatible with the new software, otherwise this opportunity to increase productivity could backfire and turn into unnecessary downtime across departments. Abadata is encouraging SMBs to verify system compatibility across all devices, work-stations, and systems to ensure that this transition is seamless.

“Any time Microsoft offers a new upgrade, we prepare our clients well in advance of its release date. It’s important to be using the latest software to maintain relevance in the modern business world, but this requires careful planning to ensure that the business con-tinues to operate without being unnecessarily interrupted. Our clients do not have the spare time to configure their network or ensure widespread system capability, which is why we take ownership of the process and keep them focused on strategic planning, execution and revenue-generating priorities. They engage us as an external IT department in order ensure that their operations are uninterrupted throughout any similar IT-related disturb-ances that could affect their business,” stated Dave Wineman, President of Abadata. 

A major focus for Windows 11 is to provide an answer to growing cybersecurity con-cerns that SMBs are facing. Microsoft has fortified this through stringent system require-ments, which have been controversial, but Microsoft states that with Windows 11’s stand-ard cybersecurity tools, it's “been shown to reduce malware by 60 percent”. Cybersecurity is an inconvenient truth that must be dealt with and SMBs can take a proactive step to im-prove their cybersecurity simply by downloading Windows 11. Over the next several years SMBs will be facing more cybersecurity challenges which they will need to prepare for; however, Microsoft is beginning to address this through the release of Windows 11.

Windows 11 also aims to improve productivity by bringing with it a smoother Mac-like redesign that is built to be more responsive, faster, and seamlessly integrated. Windows is seeking to create the most flexible technology ecosystem within which creators can flour-ish. Microsoft has optimized technical details with the focus on increasing device performance - whether that means better memory usage, longer battery life or other optimizations that make every device on the network more efficient. Ultimately, the goal behind any soft-ware release is to introduce features that enhance productivity and drive efficiency to spur the bottom-line, and with Windows 11 that's no different.

Windows 11 is an opportunity for new methods of creativity and collaboration, but those opportunities can only be realized if everyone in the company, and their equipment, is on the same page. For assistance with your transition to Windows 11 please reach out to us at (989) 883-3411 or send us an email!


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