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Leading Managed Technology Services Company Giving Businesses the Capability to Work From Home

MICHIGAN — March 2020 – Abadata Computer Corp., a leader in managed technology services, announced today that the company is proactively helping small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) rapidly transition to a remote workforce. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, mandatory precautions have forced organizations to adopt a work from home policy. Abadata has been setting up remote workforces for years and their expertise has enabled the company to be in the leader in their community and enable organizations to make a successful transition in a very short period of time.


Working from home is just as productive as working in the office if you have the right technology and the right provider guiding you along the way. Today’s technology that is a must for collaboration, communication, and productivity includes voice, videoconference, instant message, Office365, Microsoft Teams and access to files whether cloud-based or via VPN. Cybersecurity solutions is a necessity as well because there has been a substantial increase in cyberattacks. Hackers are sending a flurry of COVID-19 phishing attacks and are preying on workers sitting at home hoping to gain access to personal and company information.


“These are unprecedent times for companies and employees alike,” said Dave Wineman, President of Abadata. “Organizations have been asked to transition to a remote workforce, which is totally new for them. They don’t know what to do or where to begin. That’s where Abadata comes in. We have had tremendous experience in this area because we have been doing this for our customers for many years. We have the technology and a team of professionals that can rapidly take a company remote quickly. Plus, we give our customers guidance on how to the use technology to manage a remote workforce and ensure collaboration and productivity happens.”

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Best WIPS in the Industry

Cyber criminals have abundant opportunities to steal personal data, eavesdrop, and spread malware over Wi-Fi. How hard is it for a criminal to attack in your airspace? Right now there are over 300,000 videos on YouTube explaining how to hack Wi-Fi users with simple-to-use but highly powerful tools easily found online. From man-in-the-middle and denial-of-service attacks to unauthorized devices and rogue APs, you’ve got your hands full.

WatchGuard’s cloud-managed access points have built-in WIPS to help ensure you have the protection you need. Using patented Marker Packet technology, WatchGuard WIPS defends your airspace 24/7 from unauthorized devices, rogue APs, and malicious attacks – and with close to zero false positives. With WatchGuard cloud-managed APs running WIPS, IT pros can deliver the high performance wireless connectivity their users demand, without compromising on security.

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  • Professional Installation and Configuration of your WatchGuard Secure WiFi.
  • Cloud based for high reliability and access.
  • Installation overseen by Certified WatchGuard Engineers on staff at Abadata
  • Configuration Maintenance
  • Unlimited telephone support by Certified Technicians.
  • Unlimited customer training
  • Free remote diagnostic support
  • Diagnostic & reprogramming in the event of system breakdown or failure.
    See agreement for exclusions such as lightning, power surges, etc
  • Free consultation for adds, moves, changes, new technology etc.
  • Unlimited remote moves and changes excluding structured wiring
  • Firmware Updates
  • Yearly Preventative Maintenance Evaluation
  • Configuration Backups
  • Priority dispatch on all service calls
  • Backup and archiving of system databases where applicable
  • Preferred Customer discount on purchase of additional WatchGuard hardware/software
  • Your WatchGuard Secure WiFi history including equipment, serial numbers, warranty status, utilization, service history, etc. is maintained in our computer data bank so we can serve you better faster with more accuracy.
  • Abadata TV Training Videos
  • Free reporting of utilization, device distribution, channel distribution, and


New equipment every 5 years with renewal of Abadata’s WatchGuard Secure WiFi!

Making Technology Magically Easy with WatchGuard Secure Wifi!

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