Meet the Team

David Wineman

Jon Dimock Tabby Dexter
CNE Novell
Certified Engineer
Sales and Customer Advocate
Sales and Reception

Ray Phillips

Lindy Wineman

Kelli Roberts

A+ Certified Network+ CCENT
Chief Technology Officer
WatchGuard Professional

 BA Honors Design
Web Development Manager and HR
Vice President
Sales and Purchasing
Office Manager

Hailey Jackson Bill Phillips

Lisa Jimkoski 

Web Development/
Design Assistant 
Cabler / Installer

Bookeeper/Corporate Secretary/
Bachelor of Professional

Matthew McIntosh  Nick Friske Jay Wisniewski
Senior Engineer 
A+, Network +Certified
WatchGuard Certified System Pro 
A+, Network+ Engineer
WatchGuard Certified System Pro
Panasonic NCP/TDE Certified
A+ network Technician
Sami Jo   Abadata's Coolest Guy
The (Cute) "Girl"  Office Dog   Magic the Bunny
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