What to Look for in a Holistic Backup Solution
It’s easy to see how quickly downtime and data loss can ruin a business. A holistic backup solution
protects the business from the potentially devastating consequences of small and large disasters, no matter the cause. A comprehensive solution minimizes data loss by capturing entire images of data, applications and operating systems on all workstations and servers at regular intervals that meet the organization’s Recovery Point Objective. A strategic plan also minimizes downtime by giving IT administrators storage and restoration options that enable them to manage backup and restoration from a central location. These options also enable full restores to different hardware or even bare metal.
When an organization has access to all of its data and can quickly restore that data plus applications and operating systems, it has a business continuity plan that provides a competitive edge, and protects all customers and shareholders—no matter what.

After all, if the backup software only
captures data, administrators can
spend days or even weeks reinstalling
applications and operating systems on
servers and individual workstations



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