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Abadata can help YOU be “HIP” with HIPAA Compliance Security Assessments for your Network!

If your business includes any of the following services shown in the list on the right of this page. Then you need to be aware of HIPAA Security and Privacy compliance And ABADATA can help!

Part One:  HIPAA Compliance Security Assessment

Our purpose built IT non-invasive scanning tools enable Abadata to quickly compile reports, questionnaires and surveys that will help streamline the remediation needed to create the framework for your HIPAA compliant network. 

Part Two: Remediation

Based on the documentation and results of the reports  we work with you to remediate the issues and build your HIPAA compliance checklist. 

Part Three: Maintenance

Abadata is there to help maintain the security compliance of your network with follow-up security checkups. This will help you keep your HIPAA compliance standards in place.

Part Four:  HIPAA Privacy Awareness and Training

Employee Awareness:

We put your designated HIPAA Privacy Compliance Officer in touch with our HIPAA Privacy Compliance Training Partner who will then step by step walk you through the entire HIPAA Privacy compliance process.  This will include all the forms, policies and procedures, documents etc. needed to implement HIPAA privacy compliance at your organization.


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