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This week WatchGuard released their Q4 Internet Security Report.  This is a report that gives us at Abadata a great look at what was causing threats in the 4th quarter of last year.  It is important because it provides a look at the entire forest and not the trees so to speak.  It is a general indicator of how effective the bad guys are.  It is also a good report card to see how we were reacting with our security strategy for our clients.  Here are some tidbits from that report along with our strategy…


Overall malware attacks grew significantly.  We predicted this at Abadata and had already reacted to it with improvements in the heuristic (behavior based) anti-virus and threat detection & response software that we added.  Our BitDefender and WatchGuard TDR clients were protected.  

Nearly half of all malware eluded basic antivirus solutions.  The bad guys are getting better at their game.  The trend has been that signature based antivirus software is becoming ineffective.  It is why we switched our recommendations over a year ago.  That combined with our other security defenses kept our clients’ malware free.

There were still a couple of surprises though.  Scripting Attacks account for 48% of the top malware.  The other is that people are still opening the malicious Office documents attached to emails.  The good news here is that Abadata’s clients escaped unscathed in these categories.


Overall Abadata attained high marks for protecting our clients.  Our layered, “end to end” strategy is being adapted by more and more IT companies.  Combine that with our choice of products and their interaction we believe we have a winning combination, where traffic is tested before it ever hits the network and is retested until it leaves the network.

In our strategy we have already accounted for the large influx of “Internet of Things” (IoT) we have seen in networks and will see plenty more in the coming years.  The trend of IoT will continue to mushroom so the segregated strategy along with the internal controls of the Abadata Security Strategy will be even more valuable to our clients.
In the coming months we look forward to strengthening our security offerings further.  Education to end users when they mistakenly click on dangerous links is on the list.  Additional layers to the content filtering strategy has been announced and has a tentative Q3 release.  This is in addition to our WatchGuard Websense content filtering.   Major changes to strengthen our monitoring, remediating and patching offering has been tested and currently on limited roll out.  Finally, (well not really!) we will be opening our new server center for managerial reporting.  This will help our clients see their network traffic and make informed decisions what is happening inside their network.  This will replace the current in-house system.
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