There are a number of ways in which your employees can ensure they stay safer when working out of the office. Make sure you inform your employees of these home cyber security tips. 

1. Avoid Public Wi-Fi

A lot of people like to work in cafes which have public Wi-Fi. This is a very dangerous way of working because it means that hackers can target your computer if they are on the same network. 

Internet security tips 101: if your employees work in public places, make sure your employees use personal hotspots or encrypt their web connection. Encrypted web connections help to protect your traffic. 

2. Use Strong Passwords

Strong passwords ensure that if a laptop is stolen or lost that hackers can't get into it. They also help to protect your online accounts. 

Make sure you and your remote working employees use long passwords with multi-characters. Having two-step authentication processes is also a great way to stay safe. 

Remember to use unique passwords for different systems and logins too.

3. Use Security Protection

If your organization owns laptops that your employees will take home, make sure that good and up-to-date security protection is installed on it.

It is a good idea to have firewalls, antivirus, device encryption, web filtering, and any other preventative software.

If your employees are using their own laptops or desktops, then make sure your employees have these security protections on their laptops too. 

4. Encrypted Emails

Encrypt your emails so that hackers can't read your business emails. Install applications that ensure the protection of your emails.

It is also a good idea to ensure your employees know how to spot cyber threats, such as phishing emails, so give them some training on cybersecurity.  

5. Hide Your Work

If your remote employees are working at a coffee shop, make sure they know to hide their work. Don't let the people around you see what you are typing or your screen. 

Always keep your work with you, even if you just go to the restroom, because hackers can easily access your information in a matter of minutes.


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