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Making the Case for MFA Weak passwords are a serious liability for your business. The average user has almost 100 online accounts, many of which have their own password requirements. Password fatigue is a real problem and it’s putting your business at risk. It takes just one weak or cracked password for a cyber criminal to access all your data and accounts.
How confident are you that every single employee is following password best practices?

• Roughly 250,000 passwords are stolen every day (1 )

• Only 1 in 5 users uses a unique password across all accounts (2) 

• 3% of people use the password 123456 (3)

The cost of a breach can be enough to put your company out of business. The average cost of a data breach is $148 per data record with sensitive information, which is $1.38 million when you consider the average data breach of 9.350 records. This doesn’t include indirect costs like a damaged company reputation, lost customer trust, and lost work time.

The good news is that you can easily reduce your cyber risk and get a high return on your security spend. It costs less than the price of your morning Starbucks to provide monthly MFA protection for each employee. Eliminate the #1 risk to your business with AuthPoint.


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