As schools have closed down due to the current situation classes and assignments have shifted online, students are finding that the internet at home isn't often as reliable as they thought. To say the least many home networks and service providers are oversubscribed!
We have a solution for your school and students during this difficult time. One way we are overcoming this obstacle for our customers is to install Secure Outdoor Wireless providing WIFI to your entire parking lot. From the parking lot they are able to utilize secure and reliable internet just as if they were in the classroom.  They can complete assignments or school work in their own time frame, still under classroom policy and protecting them from inappropriate content.
Abadata is a WatchGuard Gold Partner and utilizes WatchGuard's Secure, Cloud managed Wifi and Trusted Wireless Environments to safeguard you, your staff and your students. 
We are almost 40 years in business in Michigan and we have the expertise to help!
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