SMBs Need to Migrate to Microsoft Azure Before They’re Left Behind
MICHIGAN – June 2019 - Abadata, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), is advising small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to move to Microsoft Azure as soon as possible. With Windows 7 expiring at the end of this year, SMBs need to act quickly in order to ensure that their transition goes smoothly and without interruption to their business. There are many benefits for SMBs who are considering a move to the cloud.Whether a business wants to move to the cloud for the enhanced security, the inherent flexibility, the economies of scale, the ease of migration or the allure of predictable payments, the case for cloud migration is quite clear at this point.
As the year end approaches, Microsoft will be pushing Azure through their channels more aggressively and the businesses who act quickly will undoubtedly benefit from incentives, while the laggards will face numerous challenges. The SMBs who quickly realize that they need to virtualize their organization now, have the opportunity to get several steps ahead of their competitors.
There are two big reasons that SMBs are migrating to the cloud at this point in time. The first reason is that businesses are attracted to the flexibility of the cloud. Historically, SMBs would have huge capital outlays whenever they needed another server and it was a major disruptor to their cash flow. Today, businesses can simply “pay-as-they-go” and” scale up and scale down” almost instantaneously, paying only for what they’re using. This is extremely attractive to business owners who need to keep expenses under control. This flexibility allows businesses to pivot rapidly and match their technology infrastructure to what their immediate business demands. The other reason that businesses are moving to the cloud faster than ever before is because the security component has become extremely reliable. According to Microsoft, “Microsoft detects a whopping 1.5 million attempts a day to compromise its systems.
In addition, IP video conferencing is a phenomenal technology that has recently experienced significant advancements making its adoption cost effective for small to mid-sized businesses. As the costs of both video conferencing and high speed Internet access continue to fall, video conferencing systems are being used more extensively than ever. IP video conferencing eliminates the need for many traditional face-to-face meetings. This not only impacts energy but also reduces travel costs and employee time associated with long business trips. Furthermore, communications manufacturers are including video monitors in office phones so on the fly meetings occur through ease of use and immediacy. Fax machines have been
around for years; however,however, today there is a better way of transferring critically important documents. Fax to email eliminates the need for a fax machine altogether, thus, reducing the need for physical hardware, paper, ink, and the energy utilized to run it. Email faxing is more efficient because it enables one to forward, archive, or delete the fax. Plus, it better supports the virtual office environment.
We aren’t just fending off those attacks - we’re also learning from them in order to provide the best and most up to date security system to every Azure customer. You also have the ability to back up your data in different locations around the globe to ensure that if something were to happen to one of the datacentres, your project is safe and backed up in another datacentre.” Dave Wineman, President of Abadata, stated, “We are strongly recommending that our customers make the move now, so that they can benefit from incentive programs, upgrades and features that won’t be available later.” He also added, “We belong to an organization that serves over 400,000 customers and represents around $350M in products and services in our industry. We’ve seen a major shift to the cloud. Our job is to educate our customer base and help them make a successful transition into Microsoft Azure.”
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